Neo Bricks

about NeoBricks

Brave Remarkable Innovative Confident Known Spontaneous

We are a brand new Game Publisher based in Germany. NeoBricks stands for innovation and dedication, with which we can build anything we imagine or dream of. We are all creative and hardworking individuals with more than 13 years’ experience in the gaming industry in Asia and Europe.

  • Game Localization & Optimization
  • Marketing, PR, Advertisement
  • Game Operation & Community Management
  • Data Analysis & Monetization Strategy


NeoBricks Core Values.

Leading Trends

We bring creative ideas into Games to provide our users with new and fun ways to enjoy an upgraded gaming experience.


We are envisioning new and innovative concepts, allowing us to turn dreams into reality and share them with the world.

Growing Together

We realize excellence through human resources. Our core assets are our Bricks and well supported Bricks grow together.

Crazy for Fun!

We set a high value on relationships and communication, having fun at NeoBricks is a neccessity we strive to accomplish.

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